Sabina Hohn
Kinderpraxis Sabina Hohn - Zimmer-3

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90439 Nürnberg
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Tips about Perception

Suggestions for at home in visual perception Disorders

  • Encourage your child to play with blocks, build with it yourself in structures such as bridges, tunnels, castles and parking.
  • Machen Sie mit dem Kind Puzzles, die seinem  Entwicklungsstand entsprechen.
  • Look at books together that have little text, but many objects on each page.
  • Draw figures and letters with different materials, such as soap foam, sand, dough or finger paints.
  • Tennis Ball in the trash throwing ball games, hanging object to a tree and hit with a stick: Game for eye-hand coordination.
  • Mazes with the pen trace, let cars drive on a chalk line in the yard and let children draw their own mazes.
  • With older children, go to the museum. There is museum education from the age of 6 at the New Museum.
  • Search playgrounds have swings, bridges, slides, equipment to hang up.
  • Skittles requires eye-hand coordination, stability and strength..
  • Hiking, especially on inclines promotes endurance, coordination, balance, motor skills and sensory impressions of many types.
  • Roller skating and bicycling promote motor skills and coordination. Swimming also.

If children want to stay only briefly in one game:

  • Imagine having to swing and push the child.
  • Familiarize them with the swings, slide and play in the sand.
  • Play games for two: catch Mikado, fish, catch the hat.
  • Play games that require attention: first with little pairs of images, so no frustration arises complement images Snip-snap, memory.
  • Reading, listening to tapes or CDs, talk together about the stories, listening and singing songs and clapping to it.
  • The child can help in the household: dry dishes, clean shoes, clean the table, bake cakes and biscuits.
  • Take it to the super/fruit/city market to look at the different fruits and vegetables.